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Chronic Electrical Discharge

Subject: Chronic Electrical Discharge
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 09:57:09 -0400
My brother-in-law is a recent new owner of a nice little '71 MGB
roadster. DPO told him at purchase that the car had a chronic problem
with battery discharge over time. Since purchase, b-i-l has corrected a
loose connection of the brown wire at the alternator which was the
suspected problem site. He has also installed a new battery and had the
alternator tested. It is charging properly. The ignition light goes off
within a few seconds after cranking as normal. I belive that this car is
does not have the old type voltage regulator.

He is ready to shoot the car or sell it since it strands him at
inopportune times. He has obviously not learned the trick of all LBC
owners, that is to park on an incline. Can anybody suggest to him places
to look for faults or slow trickle leaks or how to procede with
diagnosis? Thanks in advance.

If the problem is not correctable, I'll make him a nice low offer!
Bill Snyder
'66 MGB
'72 MGB-GT

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