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Re: Defroster in BGT

To: James Nazarian Jr <>
Subject: Re: Defroster in BGT
From: "R. O. Lindsay" <>
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 11:52:54 -0500
James Nazarian Jr wrote:

> Listers,
> Can anyone tell me how much power (in amps or watts) the defroster on the GT 
>draws?  I am building the harness for my V8 and would like to put the proper 
>fuse on this component.  If anyone can measure one that works I'd appreciate 

   Paul, check me on this but if you have a multi-meter you should
be able to work it out.

I = E/R


I is current in Amps, the units fuses are rated in
E is voltage.  12 Volts in this case.
R is resistance in Ohms.  This is what you can read on your meter.

   Measure the resistance of the defroster coils.  This should be a
rather small number so good, tight connections between the meter
leads and the defroster connectors is paramount.
   Should you read 3 ohms, the current is 4 Amps.  This does not
mean that you should fuse it at 4 Amps as that is the operating level,
hypothetically.  Paul can give you better advice about the best fusing
level.  I would use 50% over the operating level IF the wiring will
support that current load.  I suspect that the current will be noticeable
higher so the resistance will be smaller.  Being in the denominator
of the equation, the measurement error becomes enormous.
   Paul, comment?

   Theory is theory but 'noise' is not included.  Being a big fan of
empirical data, I would rather hook it up to a 12 volt battery through
a high current ammeter and measure the load directly -- then fuse

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