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RE: Oil Sender Hose 376-180

To: "'Lawrie Alexander'" <>, "Bob D."
Subject: RE: Oil Sender Hose 376-180
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 11:41:05 -0700
Lawrie, Bob et al.

There has been a change on the hose construction that I was unaware of.  The
hoses are made of rubber not Teflon.  I found this out by cutting a new hose
in two.  

I'll bring it up at the next product quality meeting, and have the history
of the part pulled.  

On a general note.
If you ever have a defective part or failure with a product please contact
the supplier immediately.  This includes parts that are no longer under
warranty, but within expected lifespan.  Most companies keep track of all
problem items and will make changes if there is a history of failure.

Minimum information is usually:  Date and invoice number of sale.  Part
number, and a clear description of the failure.  This allows pinpointing
batch shipments and vendors.  Nobody wants defective products on the market,
but many times it is difficult to identify the problem to the manufacturer
for correction.


> That's not good news, Bob. What did Moss say when you took it 
> up with them?
> Lawrie
> >I think Moss has been "hosed" by their hose supplier. I cut 
> the old leaky
> >"new" hose open and there was no teflon core, just a black 
> rubber hose that
> >revealed cracks when flexed. 
> >
> >Bob Donahue (Still stuck in the '50s)
> >>
> >> Assuming you mean the flexible hose that goes from the 
> engine to the
> >fitting
> >> on the firewall, Moss guarantees these things for life. They are
> stainless
> >> steel with a teflon core and are not supposed to do 
> anything sieve-like
> >> during their lifetime.
> >>
> >> So, before you take more drastic measures, call Moss and 
> advise them, in
> >as
> >> polite terms as you can muster, that one of their hoses has failed
> >> prematurely. My guess is they will replace it free of 
> charge. If they
> >don't,
> >> let me know and I'll take the matter up with them!

> >> >Has anyone experienced a leaky oil gauge sensor hose? I 
> replaced the
> >> >original one on my '71 B about one and a half years ago. 
> The replacement
> >I
> >> >got from Moss is now leaking like a sieve. It's leaking 
> so badly, you
> can
> >> >see it drip. Where can I get a good one? On second 
> thought, what would
> it
> >> >take to just plug the outlet? Then I wouldn't have to 
> worry about the
> >damn
> >> >hose at all.

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