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Glowing Alt. Light

To: "MG Digest" <>
Subject: Glowing Alt. Light
From: "N" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 15:07:34 -0400
Thanks to those list members who responded to last night's query.

I checked the belt tension & it's fine.

I just returned from the shop that rebuilt this alternator.  On the way
over, I couldn't tell if the light was glowing as it's a very sunny day here
in CT.  The shop guys tested it on the car, and it was fine.  Output from
12.25 to 14.5 at various rpm's.  But, they agree it is best tested on the

So, I'm going to canvas my local MG gang for a unit to borrow while this one
is in the shop.  Will keep you posted.

Norm Sippel
'66 to '71 MGB (Mostly '66)

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