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Re: HS6, SU carb question.

To: "Dan Furbish" <>, "mgs" <>
Subject: Re: HS6, SU carb question.
From: David Councill <>
Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2001 21:41:21 -0600
The HS6 use the same Grose-Jets as the HS4 carbs (float bowls are still the 
same). Personally, I like the original float needle and seat better. 
Although the Grose jets probably last quite a bit longer, I have had a lot 
more problems with them not sealing, particularly if the car has sat for a 
few weeks. The original needle and seats are much more reliable but when 
they go, you will know it.


At 11:47 PM 6/6/01 -0400, Dan Furbish wrote:
>A question:
>Are  Grose-Jet's available for  the SU- HS6  1 3/4"
>carburetors ?
>The original Float needle and seat are a brass and plastic unit.
>I'm told Grose-Jets are far superior.
>Dan Furbish
>in Massachusetts

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