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My awful new fuel pump

Subject: My awful new fuel pump
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 02:28:08 EDT
The spring season happened like any other...salt off the roads, temps rising, 
time to take the MG out again for another fun season. After a good wash, she 
was running beautifully, and I was able to enjoy many good drives with her.

After a lot of rain the week before, Memorial Day cleared up enough for a 
drive. But, the old girl wouldn't start. After cleaning the distributor cap, 
checking spark plug wires, I was correct in that no fuel was getting to the 
engine. As a result, I missed the biggest event my local club holds of the 
year (yes, I could have come, but to drive there in an Audi would have been 
more than I could take).

So, a tow to my mechanic revealed the fuel pump was kaput. New fuel pump 
installed, they got the car running, and it sounded something awful. I was on 
the phone, and was told "We thought it was a bad motor" but before I passed 
out on the floor, they told me the water pump was falling off. 

I picked up the car this evening. She ran great before, but now she seemed 
even smoother. I drove the car home. When my wife came in, we went for about 
an hour's drive, and she behaved perfectly. Came home, and parked her behind 
my car.

When it came time to move the Audi's out of the driveway to put the MG in the 
garage, all seemed well. I pulled the MG out, then the Audi. Went back to the 
MG. Started her up, put her in 1st, moved ahead, and then she died. I 
restarted her. She puttered, then died out again. After that, she would not 
restart. I let her sit, tried again, but with no success.

And so, four hours after picking her up, she was flat-bedded back to the 
shop. Thankfully, my mechanic is a decent guy, and I know he'll do right by 
me. Still, I am a little frustrated. Any guess as to what possibly could have 

78 Midget

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