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RE: My awful new fuel pump

To: "'Joe Short'" <>, "'mgs'"
Subject: RE: My awful new fuel pump
From: "Greg Bass" <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2001 12:42:03 -0400
What is the best way to clean the tank? Can it be done in such a manner that
does not include removal of the tank?

'78 B

> Subject: RE: My awful new fuel pump
> It's possible that you have sediment in the bottom of your
> gas tank that is
> plugging the fuel pickup. This becomes intermitant because
> when the car is
> off,
> there is no pull from the pump, so it drops what ever was
> pluging the pickup.
> Once you restart it and run for a while, something gets
> sucked into the pickup
> and blocks it off restricting the flow of fuel to the engine.
> Perhaps it's
> time
> to clean out the fuel tank.
> Joe
> '75 B Roadster
>     Lowered and loud.

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