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To: "MG List" <>
Subject: FW: Starter
From: "Jesse Robinson" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 14:49:26 -0600

I did wiggle the cables as best I could in the rain, after a few drinks and
in no light.

I'll give it a good look.  Where is the 'engine ground strap' located?

'70 MGB

Have you checked the ground strap?  Clean the battery contacts, check the
battery-to-body connection, then check the engine ground strap.  Look for
split cables, corrosion, or bad connections at the terminals.

BTDT, 70 B

ref 2:
> 1. Every once in a while car won't start.  Clicks though.
> 2. Put car in gear and pushed the car 5', still won't start.
> 3. Tried jumping, still won't start.
> 4. Got 13 volts off the battery, 11ish while cranking.
> 5. Jump started it to get home.
> Bad Starter?
> I have very little money, any cheap solution I don't know?
> If not, anyone know of a used starter in the chicagoland area?
> Thanks,
> Jesse
> '70 MGB

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