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Planning a Portland, OR, vacation!

Subject: Planning a Portland, OR, vacation!
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 21:09:52 EDT
My apologies if you received this in duplicate but I did not receive this 
back from the list:


I'm flying to Portland, Oregon, this summer (hmm, MGB carry-on?) to visit 
relatives. I'm flying up Saturday, July 7th, and flying back to Burbank on 
Saturday, July 28th.  

Just because I can't take my precious MaGgy doesn't mean I have to go without 
British cars for three weeks, right?  If you live in the Portland/Seattle 
area, and know of any events or club meetings happening in July (or even if 
you would just like to get together and talk British cars), please drop me a 
line either on or off list.  

Thank you,
Steve Sanchez
Bakersfield, CA
1977 MGB Roadster
under cover for three weeks this summer ;~(

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