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Oil lines to oil cooler.........

Subject: Oil lines to oil cooler.........
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2001 23:34:15 EDT
I am in the midst of having a rebuilt engine put into my 62 MKII MGA. The oil 
cooler lines are in bad shape from the previous engine/installation.  Is 
there a substitute for the lines that Moss and Vicky Brit sell that would 
work as well but at a cheaper cost? Replacing both lines (to and from the oil 
cooler) runs about $90 in the catalogs. That seems awfully high to me for a 
couple of small hoses that aren't mopre than two feet long each. Anyone out 
there using something less expensive that works OK? Thanks for any 

                                             Bill Dillstrom..........
1962 MKII MGA roadster.......

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