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RE: LeMans Pre-Qualifying on Speedvision

Subject: RE: LeMans Pre-Qualifying on Speedvision
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 02:09:57 -0400
Saw a little on Eurosport.
Eurosport announced they'll broadcast all the weekend on Le Mans, so I'll
spend quite some time on it!
Have fun!


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Subject: LeMans Pre-Qualifying on Speedvision

Hey, did anyone catch the LeMans pre-qualifying program tonight on 

Judging by the foliage on the trees, it looked like this was taped sometime 
in April, so I am not sure if Speedvision was replaying this or not. Anyhow,

it was great to see some footage of the MG-Lola flying around the track.

The commentator was certainly acknowledging how exciting it was that MG was 
returning to LeMans for the first time since 1965, but the film editors 
obviously saw different, as there was very little screen time for the 
MG-Lola. Instead, they predictably devoted a lot of camera time to the
invincible Audi R8. Another star was the Bentley, which in my opinion looks 
absolutely menacing and beautiful at the same time.  Aside from that, the 
rest was all about the Corvette's, Viper's, and 911's. 

In any case, it looks like this will be a very interesting race. Bentley is 
the closest threat to the Audi's. The lack of reliability of the MG-Lola has

me a little concerned. Although Cadillac is back with a revised car, they 
continue to languish. I know they are working hard, but with GM's financial 
resources, they could easily fund the project well enough to build an 
Audi-Killer if they wanted to. 

As for the GT class, this is the weakest link of the whole race; it's all 
Porsche 911's and one Calloway Corvette. If I wanted to see just one kind of

car in a class race, I'd be watching IROC. Yawn.


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