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Re: Oil lines to oil cooler.........

Subject: Re: Oil lines to oil cooler.........
From: David Littlefield <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 09:38:00 -0500

You'll find that the Mark II came with a factory (not aftermarket) oil
cooler.  This means that there will be some "hard" oil cooler lines
(pipes, actually) that will not match up to the flexible lines you buy
from VB or Moss.  The Moss/VB lines are designed to be used with
aftermarket coolers and will completely replace your hard lines.

You can have lines made up at a local hydraulic supply store, even some
of the better hardware stores (not Lowe's or Home Depot or Ace, but the
"real" hardware stores that still exist in some areas).  That way you can
leave your original hard lines in place and match the hoses to them. 
Just take your old hoses to the hydraulic store.  It certainly shouldn't
cost you any more than buying from Moss, and may actually be much less.

David Littlefield
'62 MGA MkII
'51 MGTD
'74 MG Midget vintage racer
'88 Jaguar XJ-S

On Mon, 11 Jun 2001 23:34:15 EDT writes:
> I am in the midst of having a rebuilt engine put into my 62 MKII MGA. 
> The oil 
> cooler lines are in bad shape from the previous engine/installation. 
>  Is 
> there a substitute for the lines that Moss and Vicky Brit sell that 
> would 
> work as well but at a cheaper cost? Replacing both lines (to and 
> from the oil 
> cooler) runs about $90 in the catalogs. That seems awfully high to 
> me for a 
> couple of small hoses that aren't mopre than two feet long each. 
> Anyone out 
> there using something less expensive that works OK? Thanks for any 
> input.......
>                                              Bill 
> Dillstrom..........
> 1962 MKII MGA roadster.......

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