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Re: Electric Fans

To: Brian Swearingen <>
Subject: Re: Electric Fans
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 20:24:29 -0400
Hi Brian,

      I've been undoing DPO things to my 77B for a couple of years now.  One of
the most recent has been to install the proper radiator and both fans.  Yes,
indeed, they are loud  You might want to consider installing a relay to handle
the fan current.  Both fans together will draw a total of about 8 amps after the
initial surge.  Depending upon your wiring, the fan current may tend to cause a
drop in the voltage in your ignition circuit.

    The fans are working fine at keeping the needle out of the red when stuck in
a traffic jam on a warm day.  The thermo-switch doesn't close until 190F, so the
needle is only a few needle widths below the red zone.

Brian Swearingen wrote:

> I've got a 1977 MGB with the twin electric fans and brand new wiring
> harness.  I mention the harness since in the 3 years before the harness
> was replaced, I had never noticed the fans working.....but they sure do
> now!  This means they didn't work for at least the past 5 years since
> the car sat for 2 years before I bought it.  And, knowing the DPO
> maintenance issues, I suspect they did not work for long before that
> too.
> The fans both work but I swear they sound like a jet engine taking off
> under the hood.  I'm going to be checking the mounts this weekend since
> I suspect they are loose, but is there anything else to look for?
> There is no squeaking from them....just a vibration and noise that is
> unbelieveable.
> 4 plastic blades on each, if that matters.
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