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Convertible top frame woes

To: "MGS" <>
Subject: Convertible top frame woes
From: "Will Brien" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 12:00:28 -0400
To anyone who's BTDT -

I have a 77 B  roadster that I picked up last summer and am in the beginning
stages of renovating.  As it is a driver, I am doing the cosmetics right
now.  I had a bad convertible top but a brand new hardtop.  I wanted to
remove the convertible top to install the hardtop for the winter and to
allow me to  purchase a new convertible top for this season.  When I began
to unscrew the mounting screws that hold the metal convertible frame in
place, I heard what I can only imagine were the nuts on the inside of the
body as they apparently dropped down to the inside sill area.  I had thought
that the nuts were most likely braised on as I couldn't see how the
convertible top remained on with the hardtop in place.  It appeared that the
convertible top was meant to be unscrewed and removed.  Moss Motors advised
that my initial assumption was correct, that the nuts inside the body were
originally welded on.  Now I  have to figure out what to do so that I can
install a new convertible top.  I'm not sure how to get inside that area of
the body without a major rip out and I would like to avoid that if there's
an easier way to fix things.  Can anyone offer any advice on the above

Yellow 77

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