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Re: Convertible top frame woes

Subject: Re: Convertible top frame woes
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 15:56:20 -0400
        Fortunately, there is another answer. I had a simlar problem with my
MGA. Eastwood sells a tool called "The Nutter". It looks like a big pop
riveter, but it uses special threaded inserts. You can drill a blind
hole, and install a threaded insert. Or you can place an insert into the
existing hole. The threads are flush mounted, and install much like a
rivet.  They install tight, and are strong enough to support the top. I
used this tool on my MGA a couple of years ago, and it works great. The
only bad part is that you have to buy the tool. It costs sixty or seventy
dollars. But it beats cutting and welding.........

Randy Kegg

On Mon, 18 Jun 2001 12:00:28 -0400 "Will Brien" <>
> To anyone who's BTDT -
> I have a 77 B  roadster that I picked up last summer and am in the 
> beginning
> stages of renovating.  As it is a driver, I am doing the cosmetics 
> right
> now.  I had a bad convertible top but a brand new hardtop.  I wanted 
> to
> remove the convertible top to install the hardtop for the winter and 
> to
> allow me to  purchase a new convertible top for this season.  When I 
> began
> to unscrew the mounting screws that hold the metal convertible frame 
> in
> place, I heard what I can only imagine were the nuts on the inside 
> of the
> body as they apparently dropped down to the inside sill area.  I had 
> thought
> that the nuts were most likely braised on as I couldn't see how the
> convertible top remained on with the hardtop in place.  It appeared 
> that the
> convertible top was meant to be unscrewed and removed.  Moss Motors 
> advised
> that my initial assumption was correct, that the nuts inside the 
> body were
> originally welded on.  Now I  have to figure out what to do so that 
> I can
> install a new convertible top.  I'm not sure how to get inside that 
> area of
> the body without a major rip out and I would like to avoid that if 
> there's
> an easier way to fix things.  Can anyone offer any advice on the 
> above
> problem?
> Will
> Yellow 77

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