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#%@&*@ slave cylinder - delrin piston?

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Subject: #%@&*@ slave cylinder - delrin piston?
From: Paul Tegler <>
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 20:06:19 -0400
This was/is a brand new slave cyl on the Midget...
on spanking new rebuilt ribcase from Ted S.
Less than a year old... maybe 500 miles tops....
and it leaks badly.

Upon inspection I see the inner walls badly scored
and the piston inner end all scratched up.
seal is fine.

Has anyone ever considered making a piston
out of nylon or Delrin?
Seems like it would be fairly easy to lathe one up
that couldn't scratch the inner cyl.

anybody prepared to make up a batch? interested in one?

Paul Tegler

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