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Introduction to those on MG list....

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Subject: Introduction to those on MG list....
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 15:01:58 EDT
Hail to the List,
And those who wander (drive) its ethereal highway in their MG's. Or as I like 
to call them...Cecil Kimbers Kids! After many years and different Jaguars I 
decided to avail myself of one of these little beauties, or beasties as they 
sometimes become. What I bought was a 1978 MGB, white w/ black interior, body 
I.D.# is: GHN5UJ547994G the engine is in fine shape as the car only has a 
little over 51,000 miles on it. But actually, the thing that cinched the deal 
was that the car's personal mechanic is a member of the same British car club 
that I belong to. When I called him to ask if he remembered the car, and what 
was its mechanical condition. He told me that the little "B" was almost 
perfect, and the only thing that he told me was to keep an eye on was that it 
tended to get rather warm in stop & go slow  traffic. Luckily the two little 
electric fans helped to keep the temperature gauge half way between the green 
& red marks. Which is my very next question, are the gauges "Smiths", or some 
other make? I can see where it says "made in the UK" but nothing saying 
"Smiths"..(?) But back to one of the cars better points, the interior is 
immaculate. Especially after I put in new carpets to replace the tired out 
originals and the dirty old Jute backing mat'l. But, I did find a 1977 
English bus ticket that was in the rubbish I pulled out of the cockpit. While 
I was at it, having bought more carpet than I need to do the interior, I 
carpeted the Boot, too. It really looks nice! I couldn't believe it that the 
MGB's Boot area were just painted, no frills there! I know I will lose points 
in a show due to this non-original addition, but it really makes the boot 
look neater and hides the spare and all my cleaning gear! Well, I have lots 
and lots of other things I could tell or ask you...but not now! Anyway like I 
said I did it, I finally bought myself an MGB. And whether it was a prudent 
decision or an attempt at trying to be young again who knows? What I do know 
is the average MG crowd is a nice group of people who love to drive their 
LBC's and I'm proud to be amongst you. Feel free to respond especially if you 
have an emissions controls unit (an airpump and the rail) which I desperately 
need and will buy ($$$) from you. (Darn this is a long winded e-mail, sorry 
'bout that!) Once again Howdy! My name is Albert Escalante, maybe you've read 
the articles I've written over the years. I live in California, USA . and 
belong to The Central Coast British Car Club. My e-mail address I'd enjoy corresponding with you later. Bye 'n "Safety 
Fast!"                   Albert Escalante, 1978 MGB; 1977 XJ-6L Jaguar, 1957 
3.4 litre saloon (Mk.I)                                                       

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