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Re: intermittant miss at 3500 rpm MGA 1600

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Subject: Re: intermittant miss at 3500 rpm MGA 1600
From: (Robert Dusel)
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 19:53:32 +0000
Here is a related incident for the list:
After performing a full tune-up on my 1975B (with 
Allison point replacement already in the distributor) 
experienced intermittent missing at all RPMS and loads. 
Seemed random but more prevalent on hot, humid days 
after engine warmed up. Idle was perfect. Popping noise 
in the radio accompanied the miss. After 2 weeks of use 
and checking the smallest possibilities I found that the 
spark track on the new cap was at the extreme bottom of 
the electrodes. Raised the rotor with a washer and the 
miss disapppeared for good :)
Just a little tidbit to add to everyone's archives.
And beware of B@ck-Arnl@y caps and rotors....
Robert Dusel 1975B Roadster
> Trying to help out our friend Jeff Zorn here.  So far have replaced rotor,
> cap, and enrichened the front carb by 2 flats.  He says it only happens at
> 3500rpm (regardless of gear) and that it is intermittant.  He is running a
> Pertronix of course.  Next is the wires and the ends.
> Any other thoughts?
> Oh, BTW, he just had the engine rebuilt as some of you may know.

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