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Ignition Harness.

To: "" <>
Subject: Ignition Harness.
From: James Schulte <>
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 17:51:22 -0700
Does anyone have an ignition harness that would fit a 78B.  I tried a
guy in Colorado but he sent the harness minus the black contact piece
that mates to the back of the ignition where the key comes in.  I can't
figure out why he snipped it off there.  I thought it was all one unit.
Well, anyway, this is needed for me to get to MG 2001.  Any help would
be appreciated.  BTW the harness under the dash was fried by the white
ignition wire all the way across to the bulkhead entrance.   Working on
cutting the pld harness at the bulkhead and inserting the new/used one
to start the tedious task of matching up wires. :-)

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