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Re: Ignition Harness.

To: Stuart MacMillan <>,
Subject: Re: Ignition Harness.
From: James Schulte <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 08:48:59 -0700
Thanks for the info and offer. I think the harness has to match the same

Stuart MacMillan wrote:

> I may have one in my collection from the '73 parts car, I'll check
> tonight for you.  I've actually salvaged a melted harness like this in
> an old Saab I once had, and you might try too if it isn't completely
> fused into a solid mass.  Typically the wire that drew the excessive
> current will melt its insulation off in only a few places and short only
> to other nearby wires. Most other wires in the bundle may have their
> insulation softened and fused together, but are not shorted out and thus
> are still serviceable.
> I've been able  to cut off the wrap, peel the wires apart to a large
> degree, isolate the shorts, and wrap the  exposed wire with tape.  It
> all depends on how hot it all got, take a look and see if this might be
> easier than cutting out the harness and replacing it.
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