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OD solenoid current draw

To: mgs <>
Subject: OD solenoid current draw
From: Stuart MacMillan <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 08:23:43 -0700
This subject came up a few weeks ago, and I commented that the actuating
current (17 amps) was much greater than the holding current. There was a
question about this, and I found the reference in the 1962-1974 version
of the Bentley on p. 163.

This apparently only applies to the D type solenoid, which draws 17 amps
briefly to actuate, and then uses only 2 amps to hold, and needs to be
adjusted correctly to be sure the switch is made or the solenoid will
burn out. There is no reference to current draw for the LH type, which
is of a different design.  I would guess that the LH type draws much
less than 17 amps though, it doesn't have to do as much work to hold
that little ball against it's seat.  

Next time I'm under the car looking for something to do I'll hook up my
ammeter and check this out. 

Stuart MacMillan

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