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Quiz time!!

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Subject: Quiz time!!
From: David Woerpel <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 12:40:09 -0500
Learning time!!  Thought I'd pass along a small problem that had my son
and perplexed for a few hours.  Winner gets a stewardess or steward
provided by Rob Shlafer. ;-)

After running the freshly rebuilt MGA 1500 for 15-20 minutes, we set
about setting the valves and retorquing the head.  Of course a rocker
pedestal bolt broke at only 17 ft-lbs.  Very grainy looking and very
brittle.  New head bolts were used but not, apparently, pedestal bolts.
We wanted to remove the head to make it easier to remove the remains of
the bolt.  QUIZ:  The head would NOT come off even after the usual
tapping w/ a rubber mallet.

Carbs w/ manifold, exh. manifold, vacuum advance tube, upper rad hose,
both heater hoses (for room), & 7 of the 11 head bolts.  The four on the
nearside (carb side) would not budge.  Thinking it was held down by the
new paint we ran a razor blade 'round the gasket.  We replaced the plugs
and I hand cranked the engine to see if the compression would pop it
off.  We then used the engine hoist on the head.  After inventing some
new words, I called the engine builder and asked if he had put loc-tite
on the head bolts and gasket compound on the head gasket.  In either
case his heart was mine! Lucky for him he told me "no" in both cases but
told me to carefully slip a gasket scraper under a corner of the head
and gasket and tap it in to loosen it.  It worked!  We then could tap
and use wedges to gradually walk the head up.  Got it 2" up and could
not budge it.  It seemed hung up on the 4 head bolts we couldn't move.
We quit for the nite and next morning I removed the head w/o a
problem!!!  One of those overnight revelations!!

OK fans, how come we couldn't get the head removed?!!!

Ron Soave, GregSchultz (he already figured it out at Blackhawk), & Ed
Kahler are not eligible.....Peter C. either if Ron told you! :)

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