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Learning Experience

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Subject: Learning Experience
From: "Plant, Keith Contractor (NSAGAETA 60)"
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 15:21:02 +0200
With my newly acquired '69 B, my first LBC experience, I was wondering if
people on the list minded me "picking" their brains.  I do not want to end
up spamming the list, but I know that many questions, easy-thru-difficult,
will surface over the course of perfecting this work of art.  I've always
found this list a great resource, or tool kit of sort, filled with necessary
and sometime unnecessary knowledge.  

Living in Italy, it's very difficult to find any information out on the
economy on LBC's so this is/will be my primary source of knowledge.  I hope
you all don't mind the questions that I will have in the future.  Thank you
in advance.

Keith Plant

'69 B

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