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Looking for parts, found problems

Subject: Looking for parts, found problems
From: Larry Colen <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 14:13:09 -0700
Hi folks, I'm back. Been busy with a new job, swing dancing, cavorting
with pretty women and all those other things that can distract a guy
from spending all his free time working on his MGB.

I'm getting the car ready for the drivers school up at Thunderhill
next weekend (30th and 1st) and I want to get a bit more cooling. I
need to find either a radiator from a bigger car that will fit into
the stock location, or a core radiator that I can get recored with
beefier cooling.  The radiator I have is in good shape and does just
fine on the street, but after a few laps of running at full song the
temp starts to get a bit scary.  So does anyone in the Bay Area have a
trashed, repairable radiator that they'd be willing to part with

I'm also renewing my search for a front right fender for a '69
MGBGT. Moss has them for $480, but one should be able to get a whole
roller car for about that much (OK, maybe I'm a bit out of date on car

The handling weirdness I had has been solved. The car would seem to
pull under load. I took it in to Jim Keener to have him check the
frame for straightness and he found out that the front crossmember was
no longer quite perpendicular to the frame, he adjusted that and the
car is back to "right".

If anyone is interested in coming out and playing at the track the
three dates that I've got planned so far are June 30th-July 1st at
Thunderhill (, August 10-12 at Portland
with ICSCC and Labor Day weekend at Thunderhill
with Team Continental (conference) .


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