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Re: Remote Oil filter kits.

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Subject: Re: Remote Oil filter kits.
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Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 13:43:26 -0700
I sourced some braided lines localy, $6-6.50/ft.  I really don't need the
braided on this car other than for it's durability.   BUT, I will probably
bite the bullet to make sure my wife and son are not stranded someplace.  My
"B" is another story, I will probably due the full dress on her.
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Subject: Re: Remote Oil filter kits.

> Good advice.  I've got one of these on the Vanagon, and I now use SS
> braided lines from Earl's Performance Products.  This is after the
> original no-brand steel braided rubber hoses got brittle and blew after
> about 40,000 miles, leaving me stranded.  It's hard to tell the
> condition of these things under the braid.
> Earl's are high performance, high temp lines, and thinner than rubber
> braided lines so are easier to route.  Check them out at
> (very expensive, about $8 a foot). I used
> the 7/16" line with standard barbed fittings and clamps.  Use Earl's
> fittings if looks are important, they are beautiful.  This hose is worth
> the price, IMHO.
> Also, be careful not to over tighten the fittings in the bypass adapter,
> they can crack. Use teflon tape and be firm but gentle!.
> Larry wrote:
> >
> > I wanted to pass on a warning about the remote filter kits you can buy
> > almost any vehicle.  I am passing this on since I know it is a common
thing to
> > use in both stock and V8 MGB's as I am doing a conversion myself..
These kits
> > are manufactured by a variety of vendors, and I will not name the Mfg.
of my
> > kit as this really needs to be a widespread warning.  I was very lucky
that I
> > followed a gut instinct and checked my oil the other day on my wife's
> > before driving it.  The car leaks oil (yes even a Toyota does it) so I
> > reason to do it, but what I found scared me.  I installed a remote
filter kit
> > about 2500miles ago in an effort to lessen the oil draining all over the
> > during changes....  When reaching for the dipstick to check the oil,
> > caught my eye and I looked closer to find a large split in the outer
> > of the outbound remote filter line.  This was in a open section of the
> > with no bends and no parts anywhere near it.  The hose simply failed.
> > Thankfully the inner housing was intake so no oil was lost, but who
knows when
> > that could have happened.  I am now faced with a full day project of
> > unmounting the entire set-up to get the old hoses out and replacing them
> > braided lines.
> >
> > Be VERY careful and suspect of the hoses included in the kits.  More
> > than not they are NOT the best quality hose, otherwise the kits would be
> > more expensive.  On top of that they are packaged up on plastic shrink
> > and probably sit in warehouses and on shelves for extended periods.
> > contribute to weakened hoses.  I noticed this hose did not feel like
> > hoses I had worked with, but thought nothing of it.  I now know better..
> > will probably buy the adapter and remote base separately and spend the
> > $$ on buying good hoses locally.
> >
> > Just a warning, I know I would hate to have a sudden drop in pressure
and be
> > on the side of the road with no oil in the motor and nothing possible
> > than a tow, or worse have an engine blow due to sudden oil loss at high
> >
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