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Fw: Engine tag #'s, MGBGT

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Subject: Fw: Engine tag #'s, MGBGT
From: "Dan Furbish" <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 18:25:35 -0400
Thank you Max  and others!,

That's great information, and so precise !

You're right when you say the # seems low.
A local club member from here in the Boston area told me GT's are
rare and a lot more uncommon than roadsters-at least here in
New England.
Because the GT's weight over the rear wheels, the sleeker body lines,
the 4 passenger seating (though only for infants) making them a
100 mph vehicle at the time and the 5 main bearing engine made them
a Big hit on the track. So now there are  few on the road.
Denise also went onto say that they only imported GT's to North
America from 1965 thru 1976, only 11 years  (interesting).

Happy and safe motoring !

Dan Furbish
in Massachusetts

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From: "Max Heim" , Blake, and others.

> WE = manual gearbox, synchromesh 1st gear
> H = high compression (8.8:1)
> Those are the most common variants. Others you might see are:
> U = manual gearbox, non-synchromesh 1st gear
> R = overdrive
> Rc = Borg Warner automatic transmission
> L = low compression (8.0:1)>
> I believe that when the list shows the starting number as 101, that that
> precisely what is meant -- the numbers start 101, 102, 103, up to 91,175
> whatever. Not 101001, 101002, etc. So your number is in the ten thousand,
> eight hundred range, out of 13,547 18GF engines made (13,647 minus 100).
> Which is a surprisingly low number for a whole year's worth of NA imports,
> now that I look at it.

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