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Re: Fw: Engine tag #'s, MGBGT

Subject: Re: Fw: Engine tag #'s, MGBGT
From: Dave Quirt <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 16:04:25 -0600

Please note that Skye's site is a compilation of (1) his three years (or
so) of experiences with his '66 roadster, (2) info that he has been able
to find, and (3) info that has been given to him. This isn't a knock on
Skye himself, who is a very nice guy and a real quick learner, but
please give the credit where it is due. His well-constructed WEB-SITE is
the really great MGB resource.

Dave Q.
(who is not a guru either)

> From Dan Furbish:
>WOW Thank you Larry !!, Several local British car club members have said Skye 
>Poier "is" the MG GURU! Thanx for this info !<
> Dan

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