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Re: 15" wheels and big rubber (long)

Subject: Re: 15" wheels and big rubber (long)
From: Eric <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 02:31:37 +0930
Eric wrote:
> Oh yeah, because I had never driven on my new 15" wheels (Nissan
> Bluebird TRX) or the Potenza (205/60) tyres, I decided to use the trip
> over there to get used to them.  At a NEW price of $AU300.00 each, I
> won't be driving on them much more between races! At high speed and on
> strange roads, this was a fantastic experience.  Once I got the
> confidence up and some heat in the tyres, they were a pleasure to drive on.

I had posted this link before (I think) but just to let you see what I
am on about, the tyres that I am talking about have been reviewed on the
following website.  Mine are the new (the tyre on the right in the
picture) Bridgestone Potenza RE540S) - you will see what I mean about
their minimal tread - but I have seen from a couple of fellow racers
just how sticky they get when they warm up.

Adelaide, South Australia

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