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Earthlink as an ISP? (Non LBC - but maybe helpful to some)

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Subject: Earthlink as an ISP? (Non LBC - but maybe helpful to some)
From: "Jerry Erbesfield" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 23:51:52 -0400

I personally started with Mindspring way before Earthlink merged with them.
Additionally, as the MIS Director for my company, I support numerous
Earthlink/Mindspring accounts and lots of others too. I can tell you with
the authority of much experience that Earthlink, while maybe okay, is NOT as
good as Mindspring was with support and customer service. Connection issues
are generally okay though and maybe even a little better in that they now
have a larger common area that they cover.

However, that does NOT mean that Earthlink is THAT bad of an ISP. Mindspring
used to be GREAT! Probably was the best available when they were on their
own as far as I'm concerned. Now, Earthlink/Mindspring is only a click or
two above average (still probably the best choice for you though being that
you ARE in their coverage area).

AOL sucks!!! Many issues. Most experienced IT personnel will tell you to
stay away from AOL. AOl's ONLY benefit is a large coverage area. I won't
even discuss AOL! Just bad.

I still have a Mindspring dial-up account and e-mail address, even though
Earthlink took them over a year ago. They haven't changed any e-mail
addresses. Additionally, I also have a personal (cable) account
and AT&T bought them out a few months back. No forced e-mail address change
there either (support absolutely sucks, but connection speed is unbelievably
fast. Sometimes 2 Mb and never slower that around 650kbps)!

Jerry Erbesfield
73 B Black Beauty roadster
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 Date:  6/23/01 8:21:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time
 From: (Bud Krueger)
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 To: (MG List)

 Sorry for the non-lbc topic, but you're a great source.

 My ISP (WinStar) just notified me that, effective 7/19, my account will be
 handled by Earthlink.  I recall that some of you listers use Earthlink and
 hoping that you might share some of your observations with me before I
 hunting for another ISP.  I've had this same email address for about five
 changing it will be a pain. TIA.

 Bud Krueger
 77MGB >>

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