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Primer / Paint

Subject: Primer / Paint
From: Rick Huber <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 20:57:14 -0400
Hello All,

Had the 65 B out of the garage for the first time since September 99
this afternoon.  I decided to wash it before working on it and putting
it back away.  Sure looks gorgeous.  Now that I've started working on
it, I'm starting to imagine driving it again, and that gets me pumped up
to keep working.  My wife came outside and said, wow, what a huge job
this is going to be.  I said, I was thinking just the opposite - step by
step it really isn't all that much to do.  The body is perfect and
already painted - that to me is the hard part.  Depends on your

It was a gorgeous day here in south Jersey, and I did have the 75  V8 B
out for some spirited driving - can't let a day like today go by without
a drive.

I removed all of the "red" pieces that I transplanted from the rusty car
in July 99 into the painted body shell in order to sand blast and paint
them BRG.  I'm also preparing to pull the engine / tranny for rebuild,
at which time I can also work on the wiring harness and engine bay.

A couple of questions about repainting some of these red pieces.  In the
Lindsay Porter MGB Purchase and Restoration Guide, it says to prime with
Wurth zinc-rich primer and then paint with aerosol Smoothrite.  Does
anybody have a good translation for American paint ?  What should I use
?  Also,  seems like it was somebody on the list that said there's a
paint shop north of Philly that will supply you with spray paint cans to
match a color that you specify.  Can anybody tell me the name of the

Safety Faster,


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