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MG's Kick Porsche's Butt at Mid-Ohio

To: "James H. Nazarian, Jr." <>
Subject: MG's Kick Porsche's Butt at Mid-Ohio
From: "James H. Nazarian, Ph.D." <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 23:54:03 -0400
A very sweet sounding MGB won the class race today at the Mid-Ohio SVRA!
Nice win because Porsche was the feature car, so there was a large field
of very able challengers. He out pulled them, picking up 2 seconds per
lap on the field's best challengers. But, he also out handles and out
brakes them. Congratulations to whoever he is.

Another very exciting race included a nice MGB-GT V8. Nothing could be
sweeter than seeing an MGB beat a field full of very fast and very
powerful Porsches. He was only beaten by two other cars, both were 962's
or something like that. Whatever they were did not ever include being a
street car. The cars that beat our V8 were pure bred race cars; I think
the announcer said one of the first two was a former 24 Hours winner (I
think he said LeMans). Great race. Great handling and surprising
braking. How sweet it is. How embarrassed Porsche must have been! I took
a few digi-pix that I will try to post tomorrow. Hope they came out
sharp, what with me jumping up and down cheering and MG's going by in a
blur, getting sharp photos is a problem.

Octagonally yours,

Dad or Jim (as the case may be)
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