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Re: MG's Kick Porsche's Butt at Mid-Ohio

To: "James H. Nazarian, Ph.D." <>,
Subject: Re: MG's Kick Porsche's Butt at Mid-Ohio
From: Steve Morris <>
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 23:07:30 -0400
On 6/24/01 11:54 PM, James H. Nazarian, Ph.D.  <> wrote:

>A very sweet sounding MGB won the class race today at the Mid-Ohio SVRA!
>Nice win because Porsche was the feature car, so there was a large field
>of very able challengers. He out pulled them, picking up 2 seconds per
>lap on the field's best challengers. But, he also out handles and out
>brakes them. Congratulations to whoever he is.

Ahh! I missed you again! That's two or three events we've both been to 
this year and didn't bump into each other. I'd kinda like to put a face 
to the name. We were the only red MGA in the infield on Saturday, right 
beside the gravel access road. I wandered through the 'Bs, but they 
didn't have names on the registration cards at Mid-Ohio.  Maybe next 
time. Sunday we actually got selected for final judging at the concourse! 
Sorta embarrassed me, as I was moved to the judging paddock between a 
Ferrari 328 and a Porsche 928. A Jaguar XK-140 FHC won the judges choice 
for classic (pre-'80), and the Ferrari won for contemporary car.

I was there Saturday and Sunday, and also watched the MGB pulling away 
from the #20 Porsche 356. The Porsche started out in the #5 spot and 
moved up, but not as quickly as the 'B. I was particularly watching it, 
because #20 was the car my four year old picked as her car during the 
qualifying Saturday, so I wanted to see how well it did Sunday. Great 
race, and great day overall. Wasn't any 'As there this year, though. How 
about those GTP cars!

See you sometime,

Steve Morris     Avon, Ohio
1958 MGA 1500    Red/Black
NAMGAR #5987     BuckAyes Ohio Chapter
LoCo Brits       <mailto:>

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