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RE: Close call, literally

Subject: RE: Close call, literally
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 02:04:39 -0400
I had the same a few years ago Bud, but then with my previous Rover Estate
Turbo Diesel:
By just an inch I was able to avoid a complete wheelbarrel.
I emmediately rang the police and they even would not believe me!
A fellow almost victim who also reported had to convince them.

BTW - I did not see you driving around - possibly you did not pass.
I had a great time - we impressed our customer very well.


Hans - 

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Subject: Close call, literally

Hi folks,

      The morning's usual 55 mile commute in the 77B wasn't without a bit of
adrenalin.  Remember the thread about falling spare tires? .....

        At one part of my commute the multi-lane highway that I'm on splits
two parts as it goes over a hill.  My part goes off to the left.  At 5:45 am
there's not too much traffic so we're all cruising along at about 60-65 mph.
standard procedure is to be in the left hand lane until the top of the hill
then swing over into the right hand lane just after an entrance ramp.  I was
behind a couple of vehicles going up the hill, which bends to the left.  At
top I swung over to the right and discovered something directly in front of
-- a compact spare lying almost in the middle of the lane.  Thanks to the
quick steering I was able to straddle it.  It just barely contacted what had
be the lowest part of the the front cross member. Whew!

    I'm glad that it wasn't a full size spare.

Bud Krueger

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