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Re: New MG's in America

Subject: Re: New MG's in America
From: Dan DiBiase <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 05:30:24 -0700 (PDT)
Tom, I would definitely like to see the F or another MG roadster back in
the US. However, it wouldn't do me much good, personally. I don't see
myself buying a 2-seat roadster for daily driving for many a year. My
youngest child is 5 and due to work schedules, both of our 'regular' cars
need to be able to carry an adult plus 3 kids (and occasionally, the dog).
So, I would be interested in an MG saloon if any came over here. Even
knowing that they're warmed-over Rovers. I actually like the Rover lineup
of cars - the 75 is pretty sharp looking, I think - although I agree that
they could not afford to have anywhere near the problems that the Sterling
had. They would have to be perfect from Day One.... Besides, I think that
most of the latter-day MG saloons, starting with the mid-50's Magnette,
were shared with other makes, i.e., Riley and Wolseley, weren't they? So,
nothing really new here in terms of badge-engineering.... And since
Rover's aren't available here, they would be new to us.....

If MG could continue to work on their performance image (i.e., via LeMans
and other types of highly-visible racing) I think there could be a nice
niche for a series of English saloons with a performance image (although I
wish they could cut down the rear spoilers a bit!) in the US...
--- wrote:
> Ok, so I read the story at and looked at the pictures.
> I can 
> tell immediately this in NOT what America wants. A slightly re-worked
> Rover 
> will be a complete bomb in the States.

Dan DiBiase
Dayton, NJ
'76 MGB Tourer (Driver)
'65 MGB Tourer (Project) 
NAMGBR #5-2328
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