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Re: Anybody know anything about exhaust analyzers? (GUNSON)

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Subject: Re: Anybody know anything about exhaust analyzers? (GUNSON)
From: "Eddie Sheffield" <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 11:05:36 -0400
Hmmm. Can anyone comment on using one of these Gunson gas testers to set up
your carbs vs. using a fuel/air meter? One question I've had about
performing adjustments this way is how do you know which carb to adjust? I
suppose with a fuel/air meter you could weld two bungs in your exhaust
manifold, one in each branch that is fed by a different carb, and do them
one at a time. How about with something like the Gunson (I'm assuming it
tests the gases at the tailpipe)? Trial and error?

Also, what's the difference in the Gunson Gastester Digital and the
Gastester Professional? From Gunson's web site, it just looks like it
integrates the typical engine analyzer functions (tach, dwell, voltage) into
the package. What exactly is being measured in the exhaust by these testers?
The website is pretty quiet about what exactly is being measured. Maybe I'm
supposed to know already. ;-)

1971 Midget

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> Stuart,
> We carry the Gunson brand of Gas Testers at a pretty reasonable price as
> as their other product lines too as we are a distributor for them.  I
> the digital gas tester is about $120.00 and it works very well in fact
> what I have been told.  You can find it on our Specials Page on our
>  Hope this helps.

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