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Re: Anybody know anything about exhaust analyzers? (GUNSON)

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Subject: Re: Anybody know anything about exhaust analyzers? (GUNSON)
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Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 19:58:08 +0100
I've got the Gunsons standard model - the Pro just looks to include volt and
dwell meters etc.  My Gunsons is over-reads by about 2% which is a huge
amount.  I have to have an annual emissions check on the V8 so adjust it to
the Gunsons (4.5%) then get a print-out from the testing station that shows
1.9%!  It runs poorly like that, so I use the Gunsons to adjust it to about
6% and hope I am still within 4.5%.

You have to adjust the carbs by the normal means to get the correct
*balance* of air and mixture (i.e. irrespective of CO), then adjust both
mixtures by the same amount in the same direction to get the correct CO


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Subject: Re: Anybody know anything about exhaust analyzers? (GUNSON)

> Hmmm. Can anyone comment on using one of these Gunson gas testers to set
> your carbs vs. using a fuel/air meter? One question I've had about
> performing adjustments this way is how do you know which carb to adjust? I
> suppose with a fuel/air meter you could weld two bungs in your exhaust
> manifold, one in each branch that is fed by a different carb, and do them
> one at a time. How about with something like the Gunson (I'm assuming it
> tests the gases at the tailpipe)? Trial and error?
> Also, what's the difference in the Gunson Gastester Digital and the
> Gastester Professional? From Gunson's web site, it just looks like it
> integrates the typical engine analyzer functions (tach, dwell, voltage)
> the package. What exactly is being measured in the exhaust by these
> The website is pretty quiet about what exactly is being measured. Maybe
> supposed to know already. ;-)
> Eddie
> 1971 Midget

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