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re: electric MGB and while we're on the subject...

Subject: re: electric MGB and while we're on the subject...
From: Michael Jose <>
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 10:50:23 -0700
Why don't these guys pick on Miatas or Triumphs, fer crying out loud?!

it's because Miatas are perfect for hydrogen fueled rotary engines-
reciprocating engines, hydrogen works rather well in a rotary design.
You get
the feel of an internal combustion engine (which it is) with steam as
If ever Al Gore gets to ban the gas engine like he wanted to, then I
think I
might try this idea out myself on a rotary-powered midget.  The only
problem is
carrying the hydrogen.  Check out mazda's website to see about
Miatas. Cool Stuff.

Speaking of emissions, I got closer today. I went from 156 Ppm
loaded and 1178 ppm idle to 8 ppm loaded and 678 idle.  I also went
from 6.57% CO
loaded and 8.65% CO idle to 0.67% CO loaded and 7.64% idle.  I'm still
the 220 PPM hydrocarbons idlle and 2.20% CO idle standards.
Should I just jack up the idle speed so the engine is really running as
if under
I already replaced all the emission controls, plus new plugs, new
points and
condensor, and even new charcoal (fishtank charcoal trick is cool!)
The only
thing that is out of whack is the bracket and the air cleaner for the
air pump.
I don' have the right bracket, so mine might not have enough tension
(and it
presses against the temp sender, shorting it so the gauge reads death
all the
time).  Does the air pump even help CO and hydrocarbon emissions? I
thought it
helped NOx, which isn't even checked in AZ.
Any tips/tricks/acts of magic and voodoo greatly appreciated
Mike Jose
79 B

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