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Re: British Cars and Movies

Subject: Re: British Cars and Movies
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 09:46:52 EDT
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<< I've like the TVRs since I saw the one I tried to buy.  I guess I'm gonna
 have to hold on a couple of years though and save up.
 Did you actually race your TVR or is it just set up for it? >>

I've raced it since the early 80s (there is a picture of it at Laguna Seca in 
1983 on my wall beside me), after completely stripping it (ie, cutting glass 
body off tube frame) and rebuilding it for racing.  I managed to find all the 
neat, rare bits for it - original (and therefor legal ) HRG Derrington head, 
with factory TVR manifolds and Webers (I've never even SEEN another pair of 
these manifolds, except on pictures of the Le mans cars), the optional 
American Racing magnesium wheels, CR OD trans, suspension uprated to 6 shock 
Griffith spec, all the neat stuff.

The only problem is that I don't even seem to get my Twincam out on the track 
as often as I'd like, and I just don't have the time to run 2 vintage race 
cars the way I used to, so I thought I'd sell it to someone that could use it 
a bit more.

It has run at Monterey, Portland, Seattle etc. It's a Mark 3 car (one of 90 
built). If you know anyone interested in something a bit unusual that is 
ready to race, let me know.  The asking price is $20,000, which looking at 
the ads in a race entry I just got from the Eastern States, looks almost low 
compared to the slower, much more common stuff on offer there.

It's also registered as a variant with Namgar, which I guess makes it an 
honorary MGA.

Bill Spohn

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