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Fw: 5 speed conversion, T9 MGB and MGA kits, long

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Subject: Fw: 5 speed conversion, T9 MGB and MGA kits, long
From: "Dan Furbish" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 19:00:24 -0400
Hi Will Brien-yellow 77,

> BEFORE you buy from a US company,
> (I'm not knocking a US company, I'm just telling of
> my experience with MG Owners' Spares, in the UK,
> E mail this gent, in the UK, you'll save at least $700 !!
> The day I called to place the order, till the entire T9 5spd 
> conversion  kit landed on my doorstep in MA. was 2  only DAYS !
((UK Ford Seirra fully sycro 5 speed transmission (T9 trans.from the 
> manufacturer High Gear), Bell housing with a clutch fork mount 
and pivoting hardware-(you use your existing fork and throwout bearing) 
direct mount to an MGB or MGA depending on the kit you purchase, 
a heavy duty, thick steel (no flexing) Crossmember-rear mount for the 
transmission, which utilizes the exact mounting holes as the OEM, and 
a balenced drive shaft with ALL the proper mounting hardware.
A bolt in kit, a VERY NICE package)) !

> You pay UK (pounds) it converts out to approximately $1750 US
> dollars including shipping. Companies in the US are talking $2500 
> delivered, and no less than 5 days delivery. 2  US companies I talked 
> to told me they had to get it  from the UK, about a 5 week wait.
> (Don't let anyone say it's a hassle buying from a UK company, 
 > IT'S NOT ! E mail Andrew, talk then decide).
> The standard kit for an MGB has almost the same gear ratios as an
> OEM 4speed with a late model overdrive unit, with the  final drive is
> .82 to 1, I believe.
> The BEST (wise) way to pay is with your VISA card !
> I suggest you Email Andrew Hooper, converse with him, then when 
> you want to place the order, call MG OWNERS' Accessories at 
> the International # that Andrew will tell you, you can dial it direct.
> There's a 5 hour difference there. 5 hrs behind Boston I believe.
> I absolutely LOVE my T9, 5 speed transmission conversion kit,
> it's shifts SMOOOOTH as silk, short throws and you just shift up 
 > and down  NO  hassles !
> A very nice set up !

(I've been told there's a gent in CT. that is selling T9 kits, but I
haven't been able to find him electronically).
> Dan
> 68 MGBGT
> (no affiliation with mgoc)
> ps: ALL the T9 5 spds originate from High Gear, UK.

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