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RE: Upholstery Questions...

Subject: RE: Upholstery Questions...
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 02:26:24 -0400
Hi Dan,

Yes you must glue the seatback to the cover - at least the part where you'll
be leaning to.
The cardboard side will be fitting allright without glue.

The 3M spraycan is very usable. Apply it to both sides - foam and cover. Let
it dry for one or two minutes see instructions on the can. Advantage to use
this glue is, that you can adjust to a correct fitting without loosing the
glue effect.

Worked very well for me.
My seats look like new afterwards and it's a very rewarding job.
The Porter manual was very clear for me on the rest of the process.
The toughest job was to fit new webbings, I used help of two sons with that.

Good luck.



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Hmmm, where's Ed? Perhaps he's on vacation, so I'll shoot this out to the
list for thoughts....

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> Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 16:25:07 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Dan DiBiase <>
> Subject: Upholstery Questions...
> To: Ed Kaler <>
> Hi, Ed, it looks like the time might be nearing for me to get these
> dad-gum seats finished! The frames are all set to go and the diaphrams
> are
> installed. I was test-fitting the cushions tonight and figuring out the
> process to follow. Porter is a little unclear (or maybe it's me) but
> here
> is what I think I need to do -
> 1) Glue bottom cushion to frame then install seat bottom upholstery
>    (are the bottom cushion covers 'handed' like the seat foams?)
> 2) Glue the seatback cushion to the frame, then do same with the 
>    cardboard stiffener (I assume the seatback covers are NOT 'handed')
> 3) Slide the seatback cover over the cushion
> Does the upholstery need to be glued down onto the foam cushions? I have
> contact cement that I am planning on using for the cushions; I assume
> this
> will work...
> Thanks for any help you can provide... Next project is the front end of
> the '76. That ought to take me until winter...!

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