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RE: right big toe burning...

Subject: RE: right big toe burning...
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 02:42:56 -0400
Right Albert,

This story warns me to become carefull with my car to come.
As I have 4 kids which have the bad habit to outgrow the internal size of my
current leasevehicle - Peugeot 406 familiale (like a Volvo stationwagon with
an extra rear seat facing the rear window) I have the chance to swap it with
a collegue for a Chrysler Voyager. The Peugeot has a normal (for us
Europeans) manual gearshift, so driving my BGT and the Peugeot does not make
a big difference, but the Voyager has an automatic gearchange. Especially
when not driving a manual shift car for a longer time, the pedal positioning
of the right foot certainly needs attention!

Take care!



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Subject: Re: right big toe burning...

Speaking of toes, about an hour after taking delivery of my 1978 MGB, I 
narrowly missed catching the Celestial Express (to Heaven, I mean!) I'd 
pulled into a service station parking lot to see if the air pressure was
in all 4 tyres. then I dutifully checked the oil, water, cleaned out the 
boot. All those things one does after buying and test driving a not-so-new
yr. old car. This ritual seals the initial purchase or alerts you to any 
malfunctioning that is taking place. Assured that I'd gotten a great deal on

my lil' white roadster. (except for the rubber bumpers..grrrr!) when I got 
back into the car to drive her to her new home, I kept checking out the 
inside of the car, but I wasn't really paying attention to the traffic, etc.

And I wasn't completely oriented with the "B" and what to do in an
which is what I was headed into.  Just as I started to drive out of the lot,

I looked back over my left shoulder and barely caught a glimpse of a 
Municipal Transit Bus barreling down at me at about 50 mph and it was
in fast! Alarms went off in my head! ALERT! ALERT! Stop the Car now or you 
will DIE, since the bus was headed right at my door. I tried to Slam on the 
brakes but somehow I hit the gas pedal instead. I guess I thought I was
driving my Jaguar Automatic.  Luckily I was able to swerve clear of the 
oncoming behemoth..otherwise I probably wouldn't be here explaining my
lack of mental awareness that could have killed me and hurt a lot of other 
innocent people. So lads and lasses, lets all pitch in and make sure to keep

the roads safe, and please remember to practice safe driving procedures. Be 
sure the road's clear--BEFORE you merge into oncoming traffic, and   always,

always make sure that you are completely familiar with your car! I can
to the fact that you feel real stoopid after almost killing yourself and 
causing much pain and sufferring to others who were just out trying to have
nice day and safely get from point A to B. Until they ran into Chief Big 
Foot! ME! As it turned out all I lost was my lunch. But, I gained a quick 
lesson in just how small an MGB is compared to a Bus! Albert Escalante 1978 

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