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Re: Getting high

Subject: Re: Getting high
From: Bill Dudley <>
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 09:03:12 -0600

You will definitely notice a difference in performance at 12,000 feet.  Your
engine will lose about 30 percent of its power going from sea level to 10,000
feet.  That along with the steeper grades you will be climbing will result
significantly less performance than what you are used to.

You will find that the gas sold at higher altitudes actually has a lower octane
rating.  For example, here in Denver unleaded premium is 91 octane, compared to
92-93 octane in lower climes.  Because of this, when we rebuild our LBC's we can
use a higher compression ratio than you would use at sea level.

Since you probably don't want to rebuild your engine for the trip<G>, I would
recommend that you set your carbs a little leaner than normal before you leave
(less oxygen up here).  You may find you have to adjust the idle speed on your

On a more positive note, our local MG club (MGCC Rocky Mountain Centre) takes
road trips on the highest passes in the state, and our A's, B's and T series 

can handle any of them.  The winding mountain roads are a blast in an MG!


Bill Dudley  67 B

Tab Julius wrote:

> If I wanted to get high in my '78 MGB (by driving it, not smoking in it :),
> would there be any special considerations?
> Currently I'm at sea level.  Is it just as happy at 12,000 feet, or would a
> higher octane gas give it more go?  There being less air to burn, I'm
> assuming performance isn't as swift up high, or short of a racetrack, would
> I not notice?  Anything else that would help?
> Thanks
> - Tab
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