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Re: 5 speed - why

Subject: Re: 5 speed - why
From: Nina Barton <>
Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2001 00:44:26 -0700
My first sports car was a non-synchro 1st gear spridget, and I've also had
an MGB roadster with OD, and a non-OD MGBGT which I have today.  One of the
things I loved about all these cars was the feel of the transmission and
shifting through the gears.  One thing I haven't heard in the discussions
about OD vs 5-speed on this list, is, how the 5-speed gear box feels.  I
wouldn't want to go to the cost and expense of installing a transmission
which might drastically alter the feel of the car I love.  My car feels
drastically different with new upholstery and I haven't changed anything in
the engine or transmission, just in how I sit in the car.  These cars,
especially the later B's in stock condition (and many listers might feel
that my 71 BGT qualifies as somewhat later), weren't blazingly fast off the
line, but retained their enthusiasts because they felt good and were fun to
drive.  Part of that, for me and friends of mine, was the feel of shifting
through the gears.  I have not found that satisfaction in any of the other
manual transmission cars I have owned.  The attraction to overdrive, for
me, is that it would not significantly alter the feel of driving the MG.
The 70 MGB roadster I owned had overdrive on the windshield stalk, and,
like any new washing machine, refrigerator, or computer program, there was
a learning curve before I became proficient in the mastery of smooth
operation, but it was certainly not insurmountable.  The Ford Sierra
transmission, which is the one I believe is used in 5-speed conversions,
may well have that sporting feel when used, I just don't have the
experience with it to know, and that is what I would need to ascertain
before committing to the installation of one in my B

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