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MGB suspension torque settings

Subject: MGB suspension torque settings
From: "Evangelos G. Makris" <>
Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2001 19:09:29 +0300
I need to take the whole suspension apart and redo it nicely. However
I'm a bit confused...

Except for the few torque settings mentioned in Haynes 111, on page 202,
what other torque settings would you suggest for both rear and front?

For example:
On the rear: U-bolt locknuts, shackle nuts, spring eyebolt nut.
On the front: lower inner castle nuts, lower outer castle nuts, top
fulcrum pin castle nut, shocker arm clamp bolt, bump stop nuts, ARB
strap bolts, etc..

Oh, and another thing: the Haynes says "ARB link nut 58-61 Nm". Which
nut is that? The one that fastens the ARB eye bolt or the one under the
spring pan? They are both 11/16" AF. Does it refer to both of them? If
not, what about the other one?

73 BGT LHD, 3/4" ARB @ front

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