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RE: MGB suspension torque settings

Subject: RE: MGB suspension torque settings
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 02:33:11 -0400
The castle nut issue has been discussed before. Tighten these to fit the
slit pin provided all other parts have been added to the construction
according to the books.
This worked for me and the BGT passed the APK (MOT) annual safety test



'71 BGT

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From: Evangelos G. Makris []
Sent: Sunday, September 02, 2001 6:09 PM
Subject: MGB suspension torque settings

I need to take the whole suspension apart and redo it nicely. However
I'm a bit confused...

Except for the few torque settings mentioned in Haynes 111, on page 202,
what other torque settings would you suggest for both rear and front?

For example:
On the rear: U-bolt locknuts, shackle nuts, spring eyebolt nut.
On the front: lower inner castle nuts, lower outer castle nuts, top
fulcrum pin castle nut, shocker arm clamp bolt, bump stop nuts, ARB
strap bolts, etc..

Oh, and another thing: the Haynes says "ARB link nut 58-61 Nm". Which
nut is that? The one that fastens the ARB eye bolt or the one under the
spring pan? They are both 11/16" AF. Does it refer to both of them? If
not, what about the other one?

73 BGT LHD, 3/4" ARB @ front

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