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Rear Crank Seal Problem

Subject: Rear Crank Seal Problem
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 22:31:47 EDT
Hey Group,

I have a problem.  My oil consumption is way up, there's no oil smoke out of
the pipe. No significant oil drips around the top of the engine.  When I get
under the car, I see the bottom of the bell housing is wet.  If the car is
sitting I don't have appreciable leaking.   I only 'loose it' when the  car
is on ( oil is pressurized ).  I went through about 2 quarts in the last 200
or so miles.
So....I'm thinking the rear engine seal.  Can this be anything else?  If it
is, are there any good sites or resources on how to replace the sealt?  When
the engine is out, are any other things I should do while I have it opened

Best Regards,

Alex Greenberg

Member:  Connecticut MG Club
1976  MBG fair weather Daily Driver.  "Junior"
1993  Subaru Legacy LE - painfully reliable automobile
1974  Ducati 750GT - exquisitely beautiful Motorcycle

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