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cbb vs rbb leaf spring question

Subject: cbb vs rbb leaf spring question
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 22:38:28 EDT
I have a 71 roadster (CBB), and many years ago I bought a set of leaf springs 
that I only recently installed (project car).  I recall when I ordered that 
there were two choices: 6 leafs and 7 leafs.  I chose the 7 leaf set and when 
I installed them I held them next to the old set (6 leafs) and compared the 
arch and eye placement, and they looked identical.  Now that they're 
installed, the car seems to sit higher than I remembered, (although it is 
basically a shell now) and I'm wondering if I could have put in a set of RBB 
springs.  Is this possible?  I heard that these may be for a GT due to the 
extra leaf, and not necessarily the RBB set.  Will it sit at the proper 
height only have stiffer rate?  Does anyone know?

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