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CA Black Plate Law Vetoed!

Subject: CA Black Plate Law Vetoed!
From: (Richard Feibusch)
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 21:00:04 -0700 (PDT)
Below is the report on AB 834, the California Black Plate law.  I realize
that, as a group, we may be divided on this issue:  Some of us (with black
plates) don't want more people to get them, especially cars that are not
original California cars.  Some of us (with white plates) want to get them
to add that bit of nostalgia! But all in all, they're just license plates.
Your cars are still beautiful, regardless of plate color!

 Subj: Vintage License Plate Update! AB 834 Vetoed by Governor!
Date: 8/31/01 1:32:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Bird, William)

Dear Friends,

I am deeply dissapointed to report to you that Governor Davis has just
vetoed AB 834, the Vintage License Plate measure from Assemblyman Mike
Briggs. Assemblyman Briggs is saddened by the Governor's decision, and is
looking at several options.

I have included the Governor's veto message below. Assemblyman Briggs and
his staff express our deep gratitude to everyone who called, emailed and
wrote the Governor on behalf of AB 834. Your actions are very much
appreciated, and I'm sorry that we could not deliver better news.

Bill Bird
Communications Director
Assemblyman Mike Briggs
29th Assembly District

Governor's Veto Message

August 30, 2001

To Members of the California State Assembly

I am returning Assembly Bill 834 without my signature.

This bill would authorize the extension of the Year of Manufacture license
plate program to include automobiles that were manufactured prior to 1970,
and commercial vehicles, including light duty trucks, that were manufactured
prior to 1973.

This bill conflicts with the intent of existing law, which requires the
Department of Motor Vehicles to issue license plates that are reflectorized.
The older license plates authorized by this bill doe not contain
reflectorized material. This change represents a significant potential
public safety problem as reflectorization assists police officers and
citizens in accurately identifying vehicles that are involved in unlawful

The purpose of the vehicle license plate is for identification and
registration purposes only. Allowing the expansion of the program, as
indicated in this bill, would make tens of thousands of old license plates
containing blue and black background colors eligible for the Year of
Manufacture license plate program. I am not supportive of allowing such a
significant increase in the number of non-reflectorized license plates on
our streets and highways.

Gray Davis

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