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Re: CA Black Plate Law Vetoed!

To: Richard Feibusch <>
Subject: Re: CA Black Plate Law Vetoed!
From: Martin <>
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2001 09:55:00 -0500
So has there has been a crime wave of felons using cars with black plates
to commit armed robberies and drive-by-shootings at night?
And this led Gov Davis to veto the bill "to save our children".
I understand. Makes perfect sense. I sleep better knowing
that there are potentially fewer marauding gunmen loose at
night with "invisible" black plates on their cars. To think of it
I should go and melt down my black plates right now
to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

Thanks for the update.


Richard Feibusch wrote:

> Below is the report on AB 834, the California Black Plate law.  I realize
> that, as a group, we may be divided on this issue:  Some of us (with black
> plates) don't want more people to get them, especially cars that are not
> original California cars.  Some of us (with white plates) want to get them
> to add that bit of nostalgia! But all in all, they're just license plates.
> Your cars are still beautiful, regardless of plate color!
> ===============================================================
>  Subj: Vintage License Plate Update! AB 834 Vetoed by Governor!
> Date: 8/31/01 1:32:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time
> From: (Bird, William)
> Dear Friends,
> I am deeply dissapointed to report to you that Governor Davis has just
> vetoed AB 834, the Vintage License Plate measure from Assemblyman Mike
> Briggs. Assemblyman Briggs is saddened by the Governor's decision, and is
> looking at several options.
> I have included the Governor's veto message below. Assemblyman Briggs and
> his staff express our deep gratitude to everyone who called, emailed and
> wrote the Governor on behalf of AB 834. Your actions are very much
> appreciated, and I'm sorry that we could not deliver better news.
> Bill Bird
> Communications Director
> Assemblyman Mike Briggs
> 29th Assembly District
> Governor's Veto Message
> August 30, 2001
> To Members of the California State Assembly
> I am returning Assembly Bill 834 without my signature.
> This bill would authorize the extension of the Year of Manufacture license
> plate program to include automobiles that were manufactured prior to 1970,
> and commercial vehicles, including light duty trucks, that were manufactured
> prior to 1973.
> This bill conflicts with the intent of existing law, which requires the
> Department of Motor Vehicles to issue license plates that are reflectorized.
> The older license plates authorized by this bill doe not contain
> reflectorized material. This change represents a significant potential
> public safety problem as reflectorization assists police officers and
> citizens in accurately identifying vehicles that are involved in unlawful
> activities.
> The purpose of the vehicle license plate is for identification and
> registration purposes only. Allowing the expansion of the program, as
> indicated in this bill, would make tens of thousands of old license plates
> containing blue and black background colors eligible for the Year of
> Manufacture license plate program. I am not supportive of allowing such a
> significant increase in the number of non-reflectorized license plates on
> our streets and highways.
> Sincerely,
> Gray Davis

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