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Sprite brake questions...

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Subject: Sprite brake questions...
From: "Louis Mehr (EML)" <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001 10:44:17 +0200
Good morning listers,

With a new daughter about to take up most of my spare time there's a new 
urgency to get my Sprite MOT'd !

The main area of concern now is the brake piping for the single circuit brakes. 
 Some of it was incomplete when I bought the car.  My questions are:

1/ Can anyone describe exactly how front brake pipe runs from the brake unit, 
across the front chassis member to the union ? There should be two clips 
securing the pipe but I do not see any holes which can be used to secure the 
clips. I'd like to know where these ought to be before I drill holes for them.

2/ The front-to-rear pipe runs through transmission tunnel but with no obvious 
clamping in sight.   What clamps should be used in practice and is this a 
propshaft out job ?

3/ I'd still like to know where to drill the holes in my floor to fit the organ 
accelerator pedal.  Someone kindly sent me some dimensions previously but these 
were for a LHD bugeye not a later RHD Sprite.  Anyone got some measurements?

Thanks in advance,
Louis Mehr
Manchester, UK
1971 AH Sprite RHD- now running (sort of)

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